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Body sculpting service in egbeda Lagos by estreme therapy typically refers to treatments that destroy fat cells without surgery.

Some of the procedures work by freezing fat cells, others use penetrated heat through radio-frequency or ultrasound therapy, promising to help reshape your abdomen, thighs, bottom, thighs, and upper arms among some other areas for some sessions.

Body sculpting is permanently killing off the fat cells under your skin, it also removes large amounts of fat, or to be an alternative to exercise and a healthy diet.

The techniques differ, but the aim is to destroy fat cells so they’re unable to grow back

Body sculpting is the name given to the wide range of medical procedures carried out to shrink areas of stubborn body fat. reshape the body to give it a slimmer appearance.

A single Body sculpting service in egbeda lagos by estreme therapy can help improve and reshape your body.

This is great for those who’ve lost a lot of weight and want to get rid of excess skin in various areas, it can also help to proportion certain parts of the body that is unevenly proportioned.

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